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#033: Mind/body

Womankind ‘Mind/body’ edition.


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In recent years, there has been mounting evidence of the chemical effects of exercise – from cannabis-style highs to elevated levels of so-called ‘bliss molecules’. Similarly, at the other end of the spectrum, athletes have shown enhanced performance when applying mind-control techniques to quell unease and keep the body fluid and relaxed.
Even mindfulness, which one might suspect would be overflowing with techniques to order the mind, often channels the mind not backwards upon itself, but directly at parts of the body. Techniques such as the ‘body scan’ roll the mind from the scalp to the toes and back again, massaging the body with the mind. Tranquillity can be found, it seems, when the mind’s universe becomes the body, and the body’s universe becomes the mind – when we are no longer fragmented parts of four bodies, but a singular whole.



Antonia Case, Editor