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#028: South Africa digital

Womankind ‘South Africa’ digital edition.




Being positive doesn’t come easily to most people – we’re simply not built that way. Our brains naturally gravitate towards the concerns of life because that’s our survival instinct at play. We’re evolutionarily inclined to seek out obstacles so we can overcome them, while at the same time we’re forever hunting for the next reward or goal, to quell that overwhelming sensation that ‘something is missing’ in our life.

But while positivity may not come naturally, it certainly can be enforced, and one technique that’s interesting to try – even if it’s just for amusement – is to make yourself list five things that are ‘positive’ as you go about your day.

You could go for a walk, for instance, and make your list, however ridiculous your ideas might seem at the time: “It’s wonderful how someone came up with rubber-soled shoes so I can walk over these rocks.” Or, “I certainly do love the feel of the chill air.”

At first you may find it a little tricky to do, but after a while you will get the hang of it. You may even surprise yourself with the ideas that spring to mind, and it certainly will set you on a new course of thinking. As it becomes tougher to come up with novel thoughts, be warned that your ideas might make you see the world in a new, much more positive light. Positivity, like gratitude, is a habit that can change brain pathways – teaching you to see the brighter side of life.