Love crafting & want to write about it for Womankind magazine? Then why not take up Womankind's 'crafting' challenge this week, and, if chosen, get your ideas published in the upcoming issue of Womankind magazine.

The challenge starts this Thursday, 12 March, and lasts five days until Monday, 16 March.

The challenge is to spend at least ten minutes a day 'crafting', which may entail activities as diverse as embroidery, repurposing clothes in your wardrobe, weaving, upholstering furniture, knitting, doing tapestries, and other “crafting” activities.

You may be a seasoned crafter, or you may never have done any crafts before, it doesn’t matter either way - the challenge is to engage in something different each day for five days and write a diary about your experiences.

In this challenge we ask you to keep a diary of your ‘crafting’ habit for five days, including such aspects as the difficulty of finding time in a short day, looking for and sourcing materials, and how crafting alters your week. Once done, email it to us at the address 'award' followed by the website The best entries will get published in Womankind, Issue 25. For an idea of style, please refer to previous 'Challenges' published in Womankind magazine. Word length is around 250-300 words a day. Due date Wednesday 18 March.