Want to write something for Womankind magazine? Then why not take up Womankind's 'Photo' challenge this week, and, if chosen, get your ideas published in the upcoming issue of Womankind magazine.

The challenge starts this Wednesday, 17 June, and lasts three days until Friday, 19 June.

The challenge is take at least one photograph of something or someone that stands out for you as particularly photo worthy - whether that's because it is beautiful, meaningful, or something you wish to remember. The idea is then to reflect on why this particular photograph was chosen, and not others.

In this challenge we ask you to keep a diary of your ‘Photo’ habit for three days, describing how the process of searching for a photo opportunity, taking the photograph, and reflecting on its significance altered your day. You may find that the process of taking photographs changes you in some way, forcing you to notice things in your environment that you'd not seen before.

Once done, email the diary to us at the email: 'award' followed by the website @womankindmag.com. The best entries will get published in Womankind, Issue 25. For an idea of style, please refer to previous 'Challenges' published in Womankind magazine. Word length is around 250-300 words a day. Due date Monday 22 June.