Want to write something for Womankind magazine? Then why not take up Womankind's 'Home Decoration' challenge this week, and, if chosen, get your ideas published in the upcoming issue of Womankind magazine.

Starting this Friday until Sunday this week, the Womankind 'Home Decoration' challenge involves doing one thing each day to make your apartment or house more beautiful, or liveable, or less cluttered, or more in line with the type of home you've always wanted to live in, or the type of home that prioritises the activities you wish to pursue. Each day for three days you simply must do 'one thing' for your home - whether that's de-cluttering it, painting it, buying or making something, or re-ordering the objects within it.

The challenge starts this Friday, 22 October, and lasts three days until Sunday, 24 October.

In this challenge we ask you to keep a diary of your ‘Home Decoration’ for three days, describing what changes you made, and how these changed altered your environment and the way you interact with your home.

Once done, email the diary to us at the email: 'award' followed by the website @womankindmag.com. The best entries will get published in Womankind, Issue 30. For an idea of style, please refer to previous 'challenges' published in Womankind magazine. Word length is around 250-300 words a day. Due date Monday 25 October.