Busy? Like a challenge & love writing? Take up Womankind's 'idleness' challenge this week to get your ideas published in the upcoming issue of Womankind magazine. For the busy and the stressed, the idea behind this challenge is to force you to stop, breathe, take stock, and look at yourself and your life - taking a "view from above".

To participate in this challenge, for three consecutive days take five minutes out of your day to do nothing but sit idly in a quiet space. No phones, no other people, no internet, no noise, no distraction (not an easy task even though it's only five minutes!). Then document in a diary (250 words or less per day) how you managed to find the time and space (or didn't manage to), what you thought about, and how it made you feel.

Please send your 3-day diary to award@womankindmag.com before June 30.

The challenge starts this Thursday, 24 June, and lasts three days until Saturday, 26 June. Selected entries will appear in Womankind, Issue 29. For an idea of style, please refer to previous 'challenges' in Womankind magazine. We look forward to reading your thoughts!