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When people think about a career they often think linearly. I want to be a designer, they say, so I have to get this degree, work at this place, read these books, and essentially connect the dots until I ‘arrive’. This is what’s commonly called the ‘career path’. The underlying message here is: stay as close to the path as possible if you want to be successful. But is there another way? Take a look at a public park, or the rare public fields where human traffic still wanders at its own pace, free from footpaths and streets set down in concrete by urban planners. Delightfully termed ‘desire lines’, these meandering trails - often dirt tracks within manicured parklands - are the natural pathways that humans walk. Take a closer look and behold that they are not straight, but drift, snake, and wind all over the place. Like a career, the straight path from A to Z is not necessarily the most natural - or the best - course to take.


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