No one could have predicted what’s happened to the world over the past month. No one could have predicted that schools, cafes, and restaurants would be closed, that supermarket shelves would be emptying, and we’d be fearing for our jobs, our health, our future.

Some people, of course, are in a better position to weather this than others, however everyone will be affected, from health care professions on the front line of this pandemic, to retail workers now out of a job, and restaurant owners facing emptying restaurants but leases still to pay. No one is spared.

How do we best approach this? What it does highlight is what really matters in life - and that’s our health, our family and friends, and a life that’s safe, secure, with food on the table and a roof over our heads. It’s what we’re all scrambling for at the moment. It also highlights that we need to stick together in this, and form alliances and closer ties.

Due to supply chain disruptions and store closures, to deliver your reading material while cooped up at home, Womankind magazine will be in digital format for the foreseeable future. The upcoming edition - out next month - will be delivered in flipbook, mini-site, and articles will also be available to subscribers via What’s more, our digital offering will be frequent, interactive, and offer opportunities for collaboration and partnerships.

If you’re inspired to jot down your thoughts about the crisis from your hometown, wherever you are in the world, send it to us - as we aim to publish as many stories as possible from readers as we share in this crisis together. Please send stories to Artists, if you are inspired to draw, paint, sing, crochet, whatever inspires you, and you wish to share it with Womankind readers, send to

Likewise, if you have information on the crisis that you’d like to share with the Womankind community, please forward it to us - as we aim to offer more ongoing reporting during this time on the website, via newsletters, and on social media channels.

Crises tend to wake us up, and force us to see what really matters in life. Take a deep breath and do what you need to do.

Antonia Case
Editor of Womankind magazine