New Philosopher and Womankind magazines' art museum (MAP) in Hobart is welcoming submissions for the first-scheduled exhibition in early 2021 on the theme, COVID-19. Artists in the categories of painting, drawing, sculpture, video, film, textile art, fashion, computer art, mixed media, graffiti art, and print making are asked to submit proposals via email on the theme COVID-19 with a cut-off date of 25 February 2021.

The exhibition will explore the philosophical, psychological, political, and societal effects of COVID-19 on humanity. How has COVID-19 shifted the human landscape now and in the future?

Artists are invited to submit their proposal in writing to us at 'award' followed by the website address, including a brief description of the art to be considered, any accompanying images (in low resolution please), as well as full artist biography.

Theme: COVID-19

Submission date: 25 February 2021

Exhibition: Covid-19 at Museum of Art & Philosophy (MAP), Hobart, Tasmania

Magazines: New Philosopher and Womankind magazines - quarterly print magazines, globally distributed.

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